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2017 SWFL SpaceCon 



Our first annual SWFL SpaceCon event was held on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belltower Shops location in Ft.Myers, Fl. Our vision is to establish a yearly event to serve the community of southwest Florida and create a safe, fun filled experience for everyone.
In 2018 we held our convention at the Lee Civic Center in Ft.Myers, FL 
In 2019 we were at the Araba Shrone Event Center in Ft.Myers, Fl
Our 2020 event was scheduled for Crowne Plaza Hotel again but cancelled due to the Coronavirus. 

We are excited to bring SWFL SpaceCon back for 2022 and will be at the Luminary Hotels' Caloosa Sound Convention Center! 

About Nexus9 - At Nexus9 your safety is our top concern which is why we ask at all weapons be left on your ships - this includes lasercannons, lightsabers, halbergs, axes, pickaxes, lances, javelins, (yes Lloyd this includes your polearm, guns, air guns, laser guns, air pellet guns, and most sharp and pointy objects). And.. oh!  Calm down Lloyd - Prop weapons are ok, subject to inspect and may be peace tied and labeled by our prop checkers. 
In general if someone is pushed into the prop and it could cause them bleeding injury it will most likely not be allowed.  Prop lightsabers are fine! Real ones that can kill someone are not.  
Real, working weapons are not allowed. No real guns and no realistic looking guns. Orange tipped props subject to inspection, as with all props. 

Staying the night? Our habitat rooms can be suited to tailor your needs and we are one of the few that are equipped with special heating stations in all rooms for our reptillianoid friends. For our superstrong humanoid friends we offer special rooms equipped with unbreakable everything - from light switch covers to bed frames - you don't have to worry about breaking the lamp when you bump in it in your specially equipped "super room". Lloyd, these are not available on only available on the spaceship, not in the hotel, sorry for the misunderstanding. Spaceship is currently in orbit. 

Diversity and culture: At Nexus9 we value all forms of lifeforms that board our spacestations. We have had issues in the past with the reptanoids and saurians respecting the plantoids and humanoids but rest assured all reptanoids and saurians now have to sign a pledge that they will not eat other lifeforms while on board our space station.  * Update the reptanoids have once again proved themselves to be untrustworthy. If you see a 16-20' reptanoid or anything that looks like Godzilla we suggest you leave the vicinity and do not attempt to talk with the creature. Bob attempted negotations but we have not seen him since. 

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Artistic Credits: SpaceCon Connie, Connor & SWFL SpaceCon Logos Copyright of Nexus9LLC. All rights resevered. Website designed by MW at Nexus9LLC with artwork by artist Art by MJS, Art of Nosrettep, Art by Manny Cartoon & 2017 SpaceShip Art by Jake Parrish 

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