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Welcome to the wonderful world of comic books, superheroes and science fiction!

SWFL SpaceCon is the place for fans to express their individual preferences to create a unique persona or mimic their favorite character. Be a part of the growing SWFL SpaceCon community!

We now have sponsorship opportunities available for SWFL SpaceCon 2023 which is being held on June 10, 2023 at the German American Social Club in Cape Coral, FL. Nexus9LLC is a for profit entity. Since this is a family friendly event, no rated mature/adult themed sponsors will be accepted at this time.   

2023 Sponsors & Ad Space

Webpage Sponsor: $75  – Your company logo / ad on our homepage with a link to your webpage until June 31, 2023. Cut off Date : MAY 30, 2023


Banner Sponsor: $125 – Your company logo/ ad on our homepage with a link to your website until June 31, 2023; PLUS: We display your banner (up to 4'w x 6’h ) at the entrance of the venue for everyone to see! Banner will remain up for the duration of SWFL SpaceCon. Sponsors must be provided banners by 9am June 10, 2023 for inclusion. SWFL SpaceCon is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the banner while at the venue. Cut off Date : MAY 30, 2023


Venue Sponsor: $175 - All of the above plus: Large Ad in the programming guide (4.4"w x 2.2"h)  Cut off Date : MAY 30, 2023

Billboard Sponsor: $350 - NOW CLOSED FOR 2023. All of the above plus: Logo on Billboard Ad under Billboard Sponsors section; and Four (4) Free Admissions. Limited spots available. Billboard logo must be received by May 1 for a 1-2 week billboard campaign which will include at least 2 billboards in Ft.Myers. 

Program Guide Ads: $50-150. - Full Page Ad $150. Other Ad Spaces: Large $100 (4.4”w x2”h) Medium $75 (4.4”w x 1.3”h) Small $50 (2.2”w x 1.45”h).  

Costume Contest Sponsors: Donate 5 gifts or more with retail value of $10+ each for our costume contest winners. We will have 5 categories for the costume contest - Kids, Teens, Adults, Group & Storebought. Contest winner prize packages will be announced during the costume contests & during winner announcements. Prize donators will also get a small programming ad space (2.2"w x 1.45"h). Prize donations must be recieved by MAY 30, 2023

Brick & Mortar Store Cross Advertising Partners (Florida only ): We are looking for more Brick & Mortar shop advertising partners in Florida to cross advertise with. Display our posters & flyers at your store in an easily spotted location & we will display any flyers/ business cards & a poster up to 11" x 20" at the check in area for the event. Signage for our event should be on display at your location from April 30, 2023 or prior & remain on display until June 11, 2023. 


For more info & to register to be a sponsor, visit us online at


Sponsor commitments and Ad submission must be submitted by May 20, 2023.  

 Please fill out this form to apply to be a sponsor or to contact us for more information.

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