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Covid Guidelines for this event may change based on CDC and local regulations

Vendor tables will be spaced to allow for more room between vendors. 
Walkway between vendor tables will be additionally spaced to reduce crowding in the walkways. 
Face masks are encouraged but not required, subject to change based on local regulations and CDC regulations
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General Event Guidelines:

No nudity, partial nudity allowed. 

Vendors and artists will need to keep any materials rated Mature up and out of reach from children.

NO real weapons allowed and no realistic toy guns

Lightsabers and toy/costume weapons allowed but may be peace-tied

NO bare feet - shoes/sandals required

NO skates, hoverboards or skateboards inside the convention center unless it is part of a preapproved showing.

NO play fighting unless it is part of a preapproved showing

No loud excessive foul language will be tolerated

Be respectful of others; look but don't touch, ask someone's permission before taking a picture with them; harassment will not be tolerated. 

Due to hotel regulations, no outside drinks or food are allowed at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center.

Our props & weapons policy:



NO guns - this includes BB guns & paintball guns. No projectile firing weapons. Please NO realistic looking prop guns

Nerf Guns are ok but can not be fired. Subject to inspection and peace tied

Prop guns will be subject to inspection and tagged in an obvious and VISIBLE location so the attendees and staff can recogize it as a prop.

Pointy objects / handheld weapons - 


No barefeet - shoes, sandals or other footwear must be worn

Clothing & costumes should be family friendly attire: leotards should be provide as much or more coverage then a scoop bottom or similar cut to provide ample coverage, womens tops should provide as much or more coverage as a bikini top. 

Costumes should be no more then 4' wide. If dressing up as The Vulture, please retract wings while inside all buildings. No flying allowed inside buildings - got it Lloyd?    

Videotaping & Photography Policies:

Videotaping & photography is allowed outside the venue and in the gaming areas. Some general event videotaping & photography is allowed in the venue but celebrities are not to be videotaped or photographed without prior consent & any celebrity run panel is not to be videotaped or photographed. Please understand many celebrities have no videotaping in their contracts & we want to ensure them a happy experience at our convention.  ​ PROFESSIONALISM: Any press videography of the event should be done professionally.

For no reason should any attendee, vendor, guest, exhibitor, staff, or other person at the event be made fun of, insulted or mocked. Press members should not be using foul language as this is a family event. Failure to follow general event guidelines & professional expectations may result in removal from the event.  SHARING CONTENT: Any press photos & interviews taken at our convention might be shared via our social media & website. INTERVIEWS: There will not be any celebrity interviews allowed during the convention. Please understand some celebrities have this in the contract and this is a convention for the fans to meet them, this would be taking away from the fans time. Do not force interviews on vendors, fans, staff, ect. GENERAL EVENT GUIDELINES: General Event Guidelines must be reviewed & followed.

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