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Costume Contest:
Sign up ends at 5:15pm 
Contestants line up starts at 5:45
Starts at 6pm in Quarks Bar


Kids Division Ages 0-12  Children can be accompanied by one parent/guardian while waiting in line & going on stage.

Teens Division  Ages 12-17 . 

Handmade Division- For contestants with costumes and /or props that they personally crafted, sewed, ect. Be prepared to talk about how you crafted the costume/prop. 

Adult Runway Division - For those contestants that purchased their costumes & props. 

Group - Contestants can participate in both the group category & an individual category. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place certificates + prizes tbd. Up to 4 certificates/winning category will be issued. Min 2 people per group, max 8 people/group. Limited to 10 groups

No prejudging.Contestants will have room in the signup section to comment on what craftsmanship was put into their costume.

Contest will be fun, runway style. Each contestant will have approxiametly 30 seconds to talk about their costume & character & will be asked questions on stage. Points will be awarded for creativity, craftsmanship & showmanship. 

Signups will be onsite starting at 4pm with the sign up sheet at the check in table. Signup by 5:15pm to participate.

No projectiles allowed; no fighting or cursing on stage, please think safe & act safe while on stage.
Kids & Teens category will be first, followed by Adults & then Group category. 

Photos: Contestants will be photographed on stage. Please be prepared to return to the stage for group pictures after the contest. 



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